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Here are 6 simples ways to improve your oral health ….. 

We all have our dental routines, and if asked, I expect most us would say we care for our teeth and gums very well. However, it’s very easy to fall in to bad habits that we may not even realise is harmful for our oral health. 

Here are 6 simple tips that will improve your oral health


1: Spit…. don’t rinse

You want to keep that protective fluoride film on your teeth. By spitting after brushing rather than rinsing you leave your teeth exposed to the fluoride longer.

 2: Remember to clean in between your teeth.

By not flossing, you will miss 35% of each tooth surface!! Choose the flossing product that you find easiest to use, be that interdental brushes or floss, and floss daily. By flossing every day, you will be removing bacteria that can cause tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. This will soon become part of your oral hygiene routine. You will certainly feel the difference if you miss a day… 

 3: Clean your tongue  

A simple clean with either your tooth brush or a tongue scraper will help to freshen your breath and remove plaque from your tongue and reduce bacteria build up

4: Try to eat sugary foods at meal times

We all have a favourite sweet treat, by having this only after a meal you will be reducing the number of times your teeth are exposed to damaging acids

5: Change your tooth brush

Remember to change your tooth brush or electric tooth brush head every 3 months, or as soon as the tooth bristles start to look used, or worn. Once at this stage your brush will be far less effective and will be harbouring its ion build-up of bacteria!

6: Swap Fizzy drinks for water

  Fizzy drinks (even sugar free) can damage your teeth as the acids found in these can soften your tooth enamel. Prolonged regular use can lead to tooth decay. Instead switch to water, which helps flush the mouth of food particles and keeps you hydrated.      

 Until the next Blog……keep on brushing