Hooray……  its summer

Longer days, picnics in the park, pool parties, barbecues…there’s a lot to look forward to during the summer time, as life starts to slow down and you take a back seat. Its easy to forget about your oral hygiene with the ease and lazy days of summer, so to help you remember to keep those pearly whites in check, here are 6 summer teeth tips:

1: Avoid using your teeth as tools!

You may think that opening caps or plastic puckering with your teeth is convenient, but this can cause your teeth to crack and chip! Keep a bottle opener or a pair of scissors handy at the barbeque and only use your teeth for eating.

2: Wear a mouth-guard when playing sports


Summer is a great time to get outdoors and play sports, but it is always advisable to wear a mouth-guard to protect those pearly whites when engaging in these activities.  

If you need one, contact us to get one made for you.

3: Swimming goggles

 Don’t forget to pop on a pair of googles when going for a dip in the pool. Swimming with your eyes closed can result in running into the side of the pool, which can create fracture lines within the tooth.

4: Go easy on the treats

 It’s easy to forget about your teeth, when all you want is a cold can of fizzy drink on a hot day however, remember to eat and drink everything in moderation. Theses summer treats can contain a high level of sugar, which can cause cavity’s, plaque and loss of enamel if over consumed.    

 5: Going away?

If you’ve got a exciting trip planned this summer, remember to pack an extra toothbrush, toothpaste and floss just in case your luggage gets lost.

6: Wear lip Balm with SPF

 Its easy to forget to protect your lips when applying sun cream but your lips are more susceptible to burning than most parts of your body. Damage to them over time can lead to skin cancer so don’t forget to pack a small tube of your favourite lip balm in your beach bag this summer.


No matter how you spend this summer we hope you stay safe and have fun!

Remember, we are here should you needs us.


Kind regards The Team at Ernevale House Dentistry