We love this new app: check it out, it’s a great source of information

My Dental-care app (click to link to the app)

 My Dental Care – is a dental educational app to teach you how to prevent dental problems and maintain good oral health. 

They wanted to build a high-quality and easy-to-use dental education app which covers the main areas to help you protect your teeth. Many dental problems are completely avoidable such as tooth decay, if you know how to prevent it. 

Their  goal was to make an informative dental app for the general public while keeping the information as concise and to the point as possible. They believe they have done this, and we agree. They have over six key sections. All the information on this app has been written and reviewed by Dental Care Professionals. 

Included Sections:
- Tooth Decay
- Oral hygiene 
- Gum Disease
- Tooth Wear
- Diet & Teeth
- Children’s Teeth

The preventative information in this dental app is based on the recommendations set out by Public Health England. They release guidelines which are periodically reviewed and summarised in a helpful document called Delivering Better Oral Health: an evidence-based toolkit for prevention. 

All written content has been reviewed and is supported by the dental university:
- Barts and The London QMUL.

Well done to the Dental- Care app producers we think its excellent  for patient education