Whats your New Year Resolution?


New Year resolutions, we all take stock this time of year and look with a new year to aspects that we wish to change. Some of us start a diet and health life style plan, we promise ourselves we will start that exercise program, again. :)

It could be you decide that this is the year to stop smoking, if so, well done you.

It is one of the most significant things we can do to influence and maintain our overall health. Below are a few tips and additional reasons to add this important decision to your new year resolution list.


Risks of tobacco smoking

Tobacco smoke contains 4,000 different chemicals, many of which are poison  . Smoking tobacco is associated with many serious health risks resulting from exposure to these chemicals. It is responsible for 120,000 deaths each year from dieases caused by smoking .

Some Health risks associated with tobacco smoking include:

  • Increased risk of numerous cancers, most prominently lung and mouth cancers;
  • Increased risk of oral and dental conditions (e.g. gum disease and dental implant failure);
  • Heart disease;
  • Stroke;
  • Lung disease  for example, emphysema 
  • Adverse effect on foetal development if a pregnant woman smokes
  • Environmental tobacco smoke adversely affects the health of children and adults exposed to it;
  • Increased risk of eye conditions;
  • Negative effects on skin , and aging effects. 

Why quit smoking?

Quitting smoking is likely to save you considerable sums of money, and will also improve your overall health. Quitting significantly reduces the risk of health conditions associated with smoking. For example:

  • The risk of coronary heart disease reduces by half one year after quitting smoking;
  • The risk of lung cancer reduces by half ten years after quitting smoking;
  • The risk of dying from all smoking-related causes is reduced to the same level as for a non-smoker 15 years after quitting.




Find What Works for You

We are all different, and how you decide to quit will be as well. It may take some time to find the strategies that help you stay a non-smoker. It helps to create a personalised plan.  Some of the steps in an effective quit plan include:

  • Picking a quit date. Choose a date only a week or two away and highlight that day in your calendar or phone.
  • Telling loved ones and friends that you’re quitting. Let them know howthey can help you quit.
  • Listing reasons to quit.
  • Getting rid of cigarettes and anything that reminds you of smoking.
  • Picking out feelings, places, and situations that make you want to smoke. It’s easier to avoid them if you’ve identified them!
  • Having healthy strategies to fight cravings


Build Your Strategies

Smokers crave cigarettes because they contain a drug called nicotine, and smoking makes your body dependent on nicotine. Stopping smoking causes nicotine withdrawal, which can be uncomfortable, especially in the first weeks. There are ways to get through withdrawal—these can include support from family or a smoking cessation advisor, as well as medication that helps ease cravings. Talk to you Doctor, they will be able to advise you.

For more information and help look at the Smoke free website

It may take many tries to quit. The important thing is not to give up. Health care providers, such as doctors and nurses, can be good supporters in your quit journey. Your doctor may recommend some of the to help people quit smoking. These may include nicotine replacement therapy medicines, which are patches, gums, or lozenges that give the body a small amount of nicotine to ease cravings without the other harmful effects of smoking cigarettes. Pharmacists can let you know about the effects of any medicine your doctor prescribes.

It’s Not Too Late

Whether you smoked for decades, or only just started, whether you have a smoking-related illness or haven’t felt the damage from smoking yet, quitting right now can put you on the road to better health. 

Tell us if you are starting the process of becoming a non-smoker..... We are here to help and are happy to provide you with further information on how to access additional support should you feel you need it. 

Good luck and well done !