Recycle your old toothbrush............................ 

Discarded plastic in the environment is of major concern across the globe at the moment. Creating a desire to increase our recycling in plastics from food packaging to water bottles to plastic bags……..

But what about your old toothbrush………  its plastic!


The chances are they ended up in landfill, in the US alone,  an estimated 1 billion go to landfill every year. And once in landfill, the toothbrush, made of polypropylene plastic and nylon will break down, and worse can reach our rivers or even the sea.

That’s a staggering amount of plastic…. Here are a few ideas with regards to recycling your old toothbrush:


  • Bicycle Chains

Cleaning your push bike or motor bike is all part of owning them. Why not use your old tooth brush for those hard to reach areas and also for cleaning the chain …perfect for the job.

  • Computer Key Boards

They make an excellent tool for removing crumbs and dust from your keyboard. Also, helps to keep bacteria on the key board at bay…..

  • General Cleaning

Use a recycled toothbrush to clean around taps or any tricky to reach areas .

  • Fish tanks

Recycled toothbrushes are great for cleaning around ornaments or filters.

  • Highlights

If you’re a dab hand at the home colour for your hair, then a recycled toothbrush is perfect for high or low lights

  • Cleaning Jewellery

Recycled toothbrushes are excellent for cleaning ring mounts  I do this for my jewellery.... its works a treat with washing up liquid !

  • Dogs

Using a recycled tooth brush to clean between your dog’s paws, especially in the summer when there are lots of grass seeds around.

Remember we advise you change your toothbrush or electric toothbrush head every three months, or sooner should it not look at its best or flayed.

Remember we are here if you need any advise :) 

Kind regards from The Team at Ernevale House