4 Ways To Break Your Sugar Habit


Sugar,  is everywhere right? And we just can’t seem to get enough of the sweet stuff, even through  we know that too much of the sweet stuff can harm our weight, liver, brain & teeth. And the reason for this is that when we eat sugar, our bodies release dopamine, which makes us happy and therefore we crave more.


Don’t worry, we’re not saying that you should cut out sugar altogether but it’s important to have a balanced diet and regulate your intake, with these 4 tips:


  1. Spend time to read the ingredients when out shopping

Take a bit of extra time in the shops to read the ingredients on the products you are buying. Read the sugar content percentage and now this is made easier in some supermarkets, as they have a traffic light system, so you can easier check without having to skim read the whole label.


  1. Beat the afternoon sugar cravings with just water

Ever get that afternoon slump feeling at work & need a bite of chocolate with tea to feel re-energised? This dip in your energy levels often means that you are dehydrated, however dehydration causes you to think you need to eat, when all you need is a glass of water or two. So before reaching for the chocolate try having a glass of water instead!


  1. Get sugar smart

The government have  an app called Change 4 Life  a handy place where you can check how much sugar in something and see what sugar swaps they suggest.

  1. Try natural sugar alternatives

Processed foods like ready meals and supermarket bought sauces etc tend to have a lot of sugar, so try making your own sauces at home. They will taste better and make you feel better.

However, we know what you’re thinking – what about baking? When baking, try to avoid using white sugar such as refined sugars, as they have gone through a chemical process that removes its natural minerals and nutrients to give it a longer shelf life. Therefore, swap it for natural, unrefined sugars, like raw honey, maple syrup, coconut palm sugar etc. However, even though they aren’t as bad for you as refined sugar, make sure you still enjoy them in moderation!


Good luck........... A few changes can make all the difference  :)