5 Healthy Snack Ideas


You’re at your desk at 3pm and start to feel peckish. The easiest option would be to grab a slice of cake from your colleague’s birthday yesterday, but you know it’s not the healthiest option. Sound familiar?  Whether you’re a serial snacker at work or can’t help but get through a sharing packet of crisps all by yourself on a chilled Sunday afternoon, we’re got just the post for you. Here are 5 healthy snack ideas that will satisfy your 3pm cravings but also wouldn’t harm your body and oral health:

  1. Mini pitas with hummus

Hummus is made from chickpeas, a great source of fibre and also prevents sugars from sticking to your teeth and so can minimise the chance of cavities. This snack will not only fill you up enough to keep you going but it also nutritious.


  1. Yogurt with fresh fruit

Did you know many branded yogurt snacks contain a high amount of sugar? For example, Muller Corner yogurts contain around 5 teaspoons of sugar! Therefore, replace them with low-fat yogurt topped with fresh fruit, for a healthier alternative.


  1. Homemade banana “ice cream”

A fan of ice cream? Traditional ice cream tends to have a high amount of sugar, so why not make your own healthy version? Whiz up some frozen bananas in a food processor with a splash of almond milk & almond butter to make a healthy, added sugar-free ice cream. You can also add other fresh fruit as a topping.


  1. Go nuts for nuts

A handful of nuts will keep your energy levels up and are super healthy too! Unsalted nuts contain high amounts of calcium and vitamin D, which are great for your oral health. However, be careful when chowing down, as you can chip and crack your teeth on hard nuts, and never, ever open shells with your teeth!


  1. Rice cakes

Rice cakes are an easy, quick snack, which are low in calories and fat. Pretty much anything can go on top of the rice cake, for example hummus, low-fat cream cheese with a couple of slices of cucumber, or even guacamole.

Enjoy :) from the Team at Ernevale House