Perhaps you just think your dentures only helps you to talk and eat, well think again!

They do so much more.

  • Shape your upper and lower lip and contour your face.
  • Improve your lip line   
  • Create vertical lift in your face

As your denture is used over a period of time the teeth become worn and you lose the facial benefits a good fitting denture provides you.

Our patients decided her old denture was worn down and it was time for a new full upper and lower denture to be made.


                                                                             Our lovely patient with her old denture.


                                                                  And with her new dentures and transformed smile.


Our patient was extremely pleased with the new denture and the change in her appearance.

We all agreed the new denture was transformational for her and took years off her appearance.

Perhaps it’s worth asking yourself, how old is your denture?  

Book in for a consultation, and lets us give your smile a lift.